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Below you will find articles/studies on several topics by me as well as other writers. I will add more as time permits, so be sure to check back!


Other Writers

Hardwired to Lie - Elwin Roach (PDF Format)

This is a must read! Very thought provoking!

Is Gay Prejudice in the Bible? by Richard Wayne Garganta

Here's a writing that is quite challenging in its presentation, provoking a lot of thought. It's well worth the read!


This is a very good article explaining how the "rapture" doctrine began. I highly recommend this article to everyone!

The Atonement by A.P. Adams

Though A.P. Adams is a bit harsh in his delivery, this is a challenging and thought-provoking article which everyone should read.

Terminology of the Atonement by A.P. Adams

This article expands on the preceding article.

Why Did Christ Die? by A.P. Adams

This article expands on the other two articles above.

The Atonement as Typified in the Law by A.P. Adams

Peter, Judas, and the Only Way to Die - Peter Hiett

This is a very moving message! I would encourage everyone to read it! It will truly bless you!

Religion - Elwin Roach (PDF Format)

Brother Roach always brings a message that is quite insightful and this one is no exception! Well worth the read!

I highly recommend this article to everyone! He discusses the meaning of Aion and Aionios and the idea of eternity, as well as some history concerning the translation of the Bible. Very enlightening!

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