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The Imagined Me; the Real Me


Boy, am I screwed up! And mistakes? I’ve made a lot of them, especially when I was younger. And like everyone else, I’ve wrestled with my inner “demons,” and I’ve not always come out on the winning side.

I’ve lost my temper, wounded people I love, and been offended, not because I was justified in my offense, but because I thought I was. I have been full of myself and sadly, quite self-righteous in my religious beliefs, despite the fact that I now know those beliefs were wrong.

And all of this was “the imagined me,” for this “me” only exists in my mind. This “me” is a façade, cultured into me by my family, friends, and society, when I was too young to know what was going on. I was taught to take pride in my skin color, my country, my talents and abilities, and when I embraced religion, taught to condemn everyone else who didn’t believe what I believed. Boy, what a mess I was then, and still am at times. The “imagined me” is my “goat” at the “left” hand of God (Matt. 25:33).

Ah, but “the real me”? He’s the “sheep” at the “right hand” of God (Matt. 25:33), the one who lurks beneath the surface of “the imagined me,” not disingenuous, a seeker, unafraid to ask questions, seek answers, and knock until the door is opened (Matt. 7:7). He’s the observer, not the condemner. “The real me” desires to love and be loved, not conditionally, but unconditionally, for he recognizes that God’s grace alone has made it possible to even consider such a thing. This “me” has no need for labels, recognition, accolades, but is perfectly content to sit in the back and rejoice in the well-being of others.

The imagined me. The real me. This is just a small part of what I’ve discovered in my years of study and seek to share with you on this site. I hope in some small way, you’ll find something here that enlightens you, encourages you, and helps you to stand in these difficult times.

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